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Established in 2021, Grassroots Global University is is a premier institution of higher learning, dedicated to providing a world-class education to students from all over the world. We are committed to fostering a dynamic and inclusive community, where students can learn, grow, and thrive.

At our university, we believe that education is the key to unlocking human potential and making a positive impact on society. That is why we offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields, from the humanities and social sciences to the natural sciences and engineering

Our faculty is made up of some of the most accomplished educators and researchers in their fields, and they are committed to providing students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving global landscape.


The fundamental purpose of Grassroots Global University, not teaching. Here, you learn how to learn.

H. E Dr. Solomon Wining

Founder and Global Chancellor, GGU
HE Dr. Solomon Wining

What makes us different?

What sets our university apart is our commitment to providing a personalized, student-centered education. We understand that every student is unique and has their own set of goals and aspirations. That's why we offer a wide range of programs and resources, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our student body

We are also dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and we provide students with hands-on learning experiences and opportunities to work on real-world projects. Our students graduate with not only a valuable set of skills, but also the confidence and experience to turn their ideas into reality.

Our faculty are among the best in their fields, and they are committed to providing a high-quality education that prepares our students for successful careers. They are available for mentorship, providing guidance and support throughout the students’ time at the university.


Courses offered with 5 world languages and 120 electives.
Countries represented by over 2500 Students.
International Students with 8% under Cultural Council.
Teaching faculty with 80 men and 100 women.
Students receive financial aid and selected via entrance test.
Students teacher ratio, for proper attention on child.

Meet the team

HRM Simeon Peter Olusola Gbeleyi

Global Vice Chancellor GGU, Worldwide

HRM Prof Simeon Peter Olusola Gbeleyi is a Ruling Prince from a Royal Family, Now The Global Deputy Reigning Monarch of United Kingdom of Atlantis(UKA), an inborn Humanitarian and Educationist with over 24 years of Education Experience from Primary to Tertiary level. He is a serving Global Professor with International Internship University(IIU) at the Global Level, A Professor of Peace and Conflict Management with Yeshua International University, England and USA, A Climate Change Solution Specialist, PHD Computer Scientist, An expert Programmer, A PHD Holder of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, An Oil and Gas Management Professional with Versatility in other fields.


Prof. Williams Azuma Ijoma

Pro Vice Chancellor GGU Nigeria

We offer a diverse array of academic programs that are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of students. From traditional majors to cutting-edge fields of study, we have something for everyone. Additionally, our small class sizes and personalized approach to learning ensures that each student receives the individual attention they need to succeed.


Prof. Amb. Abdulakii Jabbar

Pro Vice Chancellor GGU, India

Global Dean and Distinguished professor in Health Policy, Hospital -Health Care Management. Living Legend in the field of Hospital health Care Management, international Certified Trainer for Doctors and Managers.Multiple World Records holder, An official Covid 19 community Ambassador and Covid 19 community Legend by Government MBRU dubai. An achiever of international best Covid 19 champion award, Global educator award,Global Peace Ambassador’.United Nations Volunteer,An receipent of max.Certificate of records officially by World Health Organization, Certificate of Excellence by Harvard University USA for his Extraordinary work in management.


Amb. Elizabeth Mutinda

East Africa Director GGU, Kenya

A reason to choose our university is our commitment to providing real-world experiences. Through internships, research projects, and community service opportunities, our students have the chance to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-life situations. This not only enhances the learning experience but also prepares students for successful careers after graduation.


Prof. Srinivasa Sitaram Karkera

Global Professor GGU, India

Doctor (M.D. (A.M.), B.A.M.S., N.D., CEH, CBFT., CMT(Mum), Ph.D (Hon), D.Hum, D.SW, D.Phil, D.M.A, D.P.Edu, D.Sp.M), Holistic & Divine Healer, Naturopathist, Pulse Diagnosist, Psychological Counselor, Actor, Director, Writer, Poet, Professor, Social Worker, Insurance, Mediclaim & Financial Advisor, Medical Astrologer, Grand Master, National / International Record Holder, International Speaker, International Official Certified Leader, Global/International Peace & Humanity Ambassador


Prof. Dr. Sam Bobor

Global Professor GGU, Sierra Leone

We pride ourselves on our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that a diverse student body, faculty, and staff enriches the educational experience for all. Our university strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.


Prof. Daniel Nwachukwu Eluwa

Global Professor GGU, Nigeria

An advantage of choosing our university is our locations. Being situated in major cities across the world, UK, India, Germany, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, students have access to a wide range of opportunities for internships, employment, and cultural activities. This can provide students with a well-rounded college experience and help them to grow both personally and professionally.


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Staats

Global Professor GGU, Germany

We offer a range of student services and resources to support our students. From career services to counseling, we want to make sure that our students have everything they need to succeed. We understand that college can be challenging, and we want to ensure that our students have the support they need to navigate any obstacles they may encounter.


Prof. Sam Akengbowa

Global Professor GGU, United States

 We believe that the cost of education should not be a barrier to success. That’s why we offer a range of financial aid options to help make our university more accessible to all students. We believe that investing in education is one of the most important decisions a person can make, and we want to ensure that our students have the resources they need to succeed.


Comrade Ajir Victor

Global Lecturer GGU, Nigeria

As a new university, we may not have the same history as some of our more established counterparts, but we believe that our unique approach to education and commitment to student success make us a top choice for those seeking a high-quality college experience. From a diverse array of academic programs to real-world experiences, and from a commitment to diversity to a range of student services, we have everything students need to succeed.


Comrade Amine T Michael

Global Lecturer GGU Nigeria

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of a diverse student population. We offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including traditional majors and cutting-edge fields of study. Our small class sizes and personalized approach to learning ensure that each student receives the individual attention they need to succeed.


Prof Webiston Jokonya

Global Professor GGU, Zimbabwe

Our university is focused on experiential learning. We provide our students with real-world opportunities through internships, research projects, and community service programs. This not only enhances the learning experience but also prepares students for successful careers after graduation.


Prof. Emmanuel Odii

Pro Vice Chancellor GGU, Nigeria

Prof. Amb. Emmanuel Ogbonnaya Odii holds DSc in Management Information Technology with minor in Computer Education, a PHD in Christian Education and DD. He is a professor of Christian Education and a Fellow of Institute of Data Processing Management IDPM

Amb Grace OGECHUKWU Newman

Global Bursar General GGU, Worldwide

We are motivated by the desire to change the perfunctory approaches in the way we connect with the rest of the world by providing a format of training and education to students across the divides in a manner and form that they can relate with.

Our distance education and on-campus programs are equally strong on paper, in character and delivery thus ensuring that expected outcomes are invariable.


Prof Dr Chukwunonso Charles Ofodum Esq

Global Dean of Faculty of LAWs and Legal Study

As the Dean of the Faculty of Law at our university, I am honored to be a part of an institution that is dedicated to providing its students with a high-quality education and a well-rounded college experience. Our university is a vibrant and dynamic community that offers a wide range of academic programs and opportunities for students to get involved and make a difference. Our faculty is comprised of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who are committed to providing students with a rigorous and challenging curriculum, while also fostering a supportive and inclusive environment


Prof. Dr. Ashish Gajbhiye

Global Dean Of Faculty Of Hospital And Health Care Management, GGU

Prof.Dr.Ashish Gajbhiye is an Stalwart in Health Policy , Distinguished Professor of Health Care Management, Leader in Public Health Management. He is a Multiple times World Record Holder, Professor at several universities of the world.He was CEO in Multispeciality Hospitals and Ex.Principal in Paramedical college.He holds the Many higher positions in government Sector in India. He is a Living Legend in Hospital and Health Care industry.


Dr. Adeogun Joseph Kayode

Global Professor GGU

One of the things that sets our university apart is its commitment to student success. Whether through internships, research opportunities, or hands-on learning experiences, our students have numerous opportunities to gain real-world experience and develop their skills. Additionally, our university is committed to diversity and inclusiveness, and we believe that this creates a stronger and more vibrant community for all.


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